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Time flies. Unknowingly, we are approaching the last quarter of 2020. We are going to have our first Water Stewardship China Network (WSCN) gathering in person this year.

This year is full of change and uncertainty. While fighting COVID-19 and floods, it warns us to re-consider our behaviours and the relationship between mankind and the nature. The theme of this salon is "harmonious co-existence between man and nature". Participants will discuss how to promote the transformation from awareness raising to behaviour changing through top-level policy making and practices, so that people would adopt the "harmonious co-existence between man and nature" philosophy to their life. You will also join a special board game - "Basin Winner" to experience a role play and to make decisions for a catchment. Don't miss out!

WSCN aims to be the platform for water stewardship practitioners in China, where members can communicate, share experience and resources.


9 AM - 9:30 AM
9:30 AM - 10 AM
Keynote 1 - The 14th Five-Year Plan for key catchments in China
10 AM - 10:20 AM
Keynote 2 - Water conservation focused ecological trip
10:20 AM - 11 AM
Keynote 3 - Staff engagement and corporate environmental culture
11 AM - 12:30 PM
Board Game - Basin Winner
12:30 PM - 1:30 PM


  • Donglin Zhu (院长 at 江苏禹治流域管理技术研究院)

    Donglin Zhu

    院长 at 江苏禹治流域管理技术研究院


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  • Xinran Zeng (Nature Education Project Manager at TNC - Qiandao Lake Water Fund)

    Xinran Zeng

    Nature Education Project Manager at TNC - Qiandao Lake Water Fund

    Xinran is currently the Nature Education Project Manager at Qiandao Lake Water Fund, in charge of developing water conservation content, preserving biodiversity, and promoting environment education with local contexts. Xinran dedicates herself to explore the balance between water conservation and economic development, by the means of nature education. Previously she worked at China Nature Education Network and Ginkgo Foundation. She is also a nature experience mentor, a seed speaker of Leave No Trace, and a course lecturer of Waste And Life.

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  • Yanping He (Project Support Specialist at China Mengniu Dairy Company Limited)

    Yanping He

    Project Support Specialist at China Mengniu Dairy Company Limited


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  • Ting He (Corperate Communication Manager at Ecolab)

    Ting He

    Corperate Communication Manager at Ecolab


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  • Cheng Zhang (Deputy Director of Guangzhou GreenCity Environmental and Cultural Development Center)

    Cheng Zhang

    Deputy Director of Guangzhou GreenCity Environmental and Cultural Development Center

    Cheng is currently the Project Director at IUCN China office. A well-trained water professional with a breadth of experience from freshwater to ocean, water quality to aquatic habitat, hydro engineering to water management, private sector to non-profit, and both domestic and international.

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WSCN_2020 Salon (Invited Only)

Successful registers will receive the venue location. Networking lunch will be provided. Participants should arrange transportation and reserve your own accommodation if needed.

Standard Price Free